Pearl Global Industries Rockets 240%, Eyes New Year Highs!

Pearl Global Industries (NSE: PGIL) just lit the stock market on fire. This small-cap stock just delivered a whopping 240% return in one year, leaving investors breathless and scrambling for more. And guess what? The party’s not over yet.

So, what’s the good news?

Pearl Global just announced a record date for a bonus issue, basically free shares for existing shareholders! Talk about a New Year’s treat! Plus, the company’s been crushing it with strong financials and ambitious growth plans.

About Pearl Global Industries

Pearl Global Industries Ltd. (PGIL) is a leading Indian manufacturer and exporter of leather and leather products. The company operates tanneries, footwear units, and garment production facilities, catering to both domestic and international markets.

Pearl Global Industries Limited (PGIL) Fundamental Analysis

Market Cap₹2,428 Cr (Big enough to make a dent, not a giant)
Current Price₹1,324.45 (Hitting the upper circuit like a champ!)
52-wk High₹1,324.45 (That’s today’s price, folks!)
52-wk Low₹324.50 (Quite the climb, eh?)
Stock P/E12.5x (Not too shabby, not sky-high)
Book Value₹141.50 (Share price is well above book value)
Dividend₹0.00 (zero, nada. Don’t expect retirement money here.)
ROCE21.3% (Solid return on invested capital)
ROE25.4% (Earnings machine, this one!)
Face Value₹10 (Don’t get fooled by the low face value, the price is much higher)
P/B Value9.3x (Priced a bit above its book value)
OPM17.5% (Operating margins are healthy)
EPS₹105.95 (Earnings per share are on fire)
Debt₹424.20 Cr (Not debt-free, but manageable)
Debt to Equity0.58 (Debt isn’t a major concern)

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Technical Analysis

Stock screens technical analysis of PGIL share

Recent Price Trend:

  • PGIL has seen a strong uptrend in 2023, gaining almost 244% year-to-date.
  • The stock broke out of a multi-year consolidation zone above INR 160 in September and has continued its ascent, hitting a new high of INR 1404 in October 2023.
  • The current price movement suggests strong buying momentum and bullish sentiment.


  • Moving Averages: All major moving averages (50-day, 100-day, 200-day) are trending upwards, confirming the bullish trend.
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI): Currently at 58.4, indicating a slightly overbought condition. However, there’s room for further upside before reaching the overbought zone (above 70).
  • Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD): The MACD line is above the signal line and the zero line, suggesting continued bullish momentum.
  • Stochastic Oscillator: Currently at 65.6, also indicating an overbought condition. However, the signal line has not formed a bearish crossover yet, suggesting potential for further upward movement.

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  • Stellar Performance: That 240% return is no joke. Pearl has been crushing it, and investors are taking notice.
  • Strong Financials: The company boasts a healthy P/E ratio, decent book value, and respectable ROCE and ROE. This suggests solid underlying fundamentals.
  • Good News on the Horizon: The announcement of a record date hints at potential dividends or bonus issues, further sweetening the pot for shareholders.


  • High Valuation: The P/E is above the industry average, indicating some potential overvaluation. Be cautious about chasing momentum.
  • Low Dividend: The dividend yield is pretty puny. Income investors might want to look elsewhere.
  • Debt: While not alarming, the company does carry some debt. Keep an eye on its debt management strategies.

The Bottom Line:

Pearl Global Industries is definitely a hot stock with impressive growth and promising future prospects. However, the high valuation and lack of dividend might not be for everyone.

Do your own research, consider your risk appetite, and remember, past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Disclaimer: his is not financial advice. Please consult with a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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